AOL-REOLgood news: RE Lessons Online is coming back!

We are delighted to have received so much support in the form of once-off gifts that we are able to relaunch RE Lessons Online with many of the lessons that were previously available only to subscribers – now freely available for all.

We hope to put these live on Tuesday 1st September at (this link will just refresh this page until the magic moment the Ethos Education website goes live!)

We still have a long way to reach our goal of regular monthly support from donors that will enable us to restart the service of publishing an ongoing stream of new RE Lessons and Assemblies based on the latest films. Please join us to make that possible.

For the latest news, please sign-up to receive our email updates.

EthosEducation-rgb 475x35


    • One of the many very distressing aspects of what happened to Damaris was that the new owners took down the site which meant that subscribers could not access it. We are working very hard to get as much of the site as possible available again by the beginning of term – with more assemblies and lessons then being added on an ongoing basis.
      Nick & Carol


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