What the box-office success of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice teaches us about engaging young men in spiritual, moral, social and cultural questions

Batman-vs-Superman_article_imageSo, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice has confounded the critics by becoming a resounding success at the box office. With ticket sales of $166m at the opening weekend in the USA this film not only came top of the top ten, but also took over twice as much as all the other nine films added together. Globally, at $420m, this film had the fourth-biggest opening weekend in history, and the highest ever for a superhero movie.

This week, accountants at Warner Bros will no doubt reflect on how the film justified its $250 million production budget and has assured the subsequent Justice League film franchise that it clearly heralds. But for those of us who are interested in what films say about the spiritual, moral and social issues in our culture there is a deeper question to be considered.

When fans praised the film with simple words such as ‘awesome’ and ‘must-see’, why did film critics fall over themselves to create clever condemning epithets such as…

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