We are delighted to write educational and outreach resources for various organisations, such as these:

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In addition Nick is continuing his role as an author of books for a variety of publishers:

Between 1997 and 2006 Nick (with Carol as his chief editor and ‘critical friend’) wrote, or co-wrote, ten books for four publishers – see the list below.

Nick says “Looking back over my past books, the most successful was Teenagers: why do they do that? This was originally published in 1998, with an updated second edition released in 2006, and was translated into many languages across the world. It was designed to be scholarly but accessible as it explored the impact, upon teenagers, of the major underlying changes in contemporary culture. I wrote it for parents and grandparents, but was delighted to hear from many teenagers who read it themselves and thanked me for helping them gain insight into their own beliefs, attitudes and actions.”

It is now almost two decades since Nick wrote that book, and culture has continued to change widely and deeply. Many of those original teenagers are now parents of teenagers themselves and continue to face the challenge of understanding their own beliefs and attitudes, as well as the actions of their teenage children! They are part of a broad generation, often referred to as Millennials, aged from fifteen to thirty-five, who continue to be profoundly affected by the smorgasbord of different ethics, philosophies and spiritualities that are explicitly or implicitly promoted in this media driven culture (in contrast to the older generation who grew up in a culture infused with Judeo-Christian beliefs and values).

Therefore, Nick (with Carol still as his chief editor and critic) is exploring a range of writing possibilities to help us all to reach this generation.

Books Previously Written or Co-written by Nick Pollard:

  1. Nick Pollard, Evangelism Made Slightly Less Difficult (IVP 1997)
  2. Nick Pollard, Teenagers: why do they do that? (Lion 1998)
  3. Nick Pollard, If Only: the search for happiness (Hodder & Stoughton 1999)
  4. Nick Pollard, Paul Harris, Phil Wall & Tony Watkins, Beyond the Fringe: reaching people outside the church (IVP 1999)
  5. Nick Pollard, Paul Harris & Martin Cooper, What Do I Do Now?.. getting going on the Christian life (IVP 2004)
  6. Nick Pollard & Steve Couch, Get More Like Jesus While Watching TV (Authentic 2005)
  7. Nick Pollard, Tony Watkins et al, Truth Wars: Talking About Tolerance (Authentic 2005)
  8. Nick Pollard, Tony Watkins et al, Sex and the Cynics: Talking About the Search for Love (Authentic 2005)
  9. Nick Pollard, Tony Watkins et al, Playing God: Talking About Ethics in Medicine and Technology (Authentic 2006)
  10. Nick Pollard, Tony Watkins et al, Spooked: Talking About the Supernatural (Authentic 2006)

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