We believe that the main role of enterprise is to be good stewards of the world’s resources.

All of our activities are based upon a broad and relational view of capital. We believe that there are four different, but inter-related, forms of such capital:

Financial Capital refers to money in its various forms. We seek to maximise financial value, but our goal in doing so is not to create financial capital for its own sake, but so that it can be invested and used for the good of the other three forms of capital…

Social Capital refers to people currently living throughout the world and those who will follow us in generations to come. We believe that people are physical, emotional and spiritual. So we seek to invest in each of these three aspects, for all people everywhere, helping them to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Environmental Capital refers to the resources in this world and the interplay between them. So, we seek to be good stewards of the environment, caring for it and preserving it for all people in all times.

Manufactured Capital refers to the fruit of past enterprise, both our own and that of other people. This includes both “hard” manufactured capital (physical products) and “soft” manufactured capital (knowledge, skills and tools). So, we seek to value and build upon the results of our own, and other people’s, enterprise. This means seeking to work in positive co-operation with others, rather than in negative competition against them.

It is our view that good enterprise recognises, protects and builds all four types of capital. Enterprises that focus on only one type of capital (such as those that are driven wholly by the financial bottom line) are narrow, restrictive and unbalanced. We seek to be broad, inclusive and balanced.